Thursday, 7 July 2011

Dazzling jewellery you will go mad for.. :P :P

hello..this is blog by sakshi..a girl with high dreams but down to earth! :)
Am a big freak for shopping and so much into fashion and creativity..soo in my blog you will get anything and everything related to the same!
i design jewellery too.. :P And have just started displaying my designs for you people,to personalize some pretty things at low prices! :)

You can contact me here in my blog or my facebook profile for further information and can also mail me at

i olso customize the products to make dem entirely d way you want dem to be!soo you can olso send me designs you crave for but dont owe due to high prices,as here you will get dose things at less rates! :)

Further follow me and know about me! :)



  1. good start !! besties !!

  2. loved it sweetheart...
    a good start... my best wishes..!!!

  3. Lovely blog and a wonderful attempt! Wish you luck!! <3 <3 :) And you look really pretty! ;) :)

  4. Cool blog!

  5. Nice space..Keep blogging and be connected

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  6. great jewellery!
    congrats on the blog!

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red bow neckpiece

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crazy big bow haiband! :)
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